Scientific Programme

Game Changers in Oncological, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery

The London Breast Meeting 2023 programme will focus on the 'game changers' of breast surgery, including:

* Pushing boundaries
*  Setting new standards
*  Surgical innovations

The scientific programme for London Breast Meeting will include a variety of sessions for experts to share their knowledge and innovations, including best practice updates, keynote addresses, video technique sessions, interactive case discussions and roundtable discussions.

All programme sessions will be live-streamed online and all attendees will receive access to the on-demand content after the meeting.

The Free Paper submission process is now open - submit your proposal for the programme by Monday 26 June 2023.


The programme is currently in development and will be available soon!

Session topics will include:
Headliners in Oncology
Non invasive breast cancer screening
Breast Cancer Vaccine: Progress and Challenges in Preventing Recurrence
Non surgical treatment of Breast Cancer- are we there yet?
Improving Survival in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Updates in Systemic Therapy
Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer: Harnessing the Power of the Immune System
Advances in Radiotherapy for Local Control and Oligometastatic Breast Cancer
Surgical Practice
The Confusing World of Societies, Registries and Legislation
Specialisation vs super-specialisation
Making The Cut in Plastic Surgery
Special Topics
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Surgery:  Diagnostics, Research, and Algorithms
Plastic Surgeons and the Metaverse
Key Publications in the Last Decade
Lymphoedema Updates
The use of the 3D digital microscope for LVA
Lymphedema Prevention and Management Strategies in Breast Reconstruction
Patient Focus
Understanding Patient reported Outcomes and Quality of Life Measures
Direct to Consumer Marketing: Physicians Beware!
The Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Breast Cancer Risk and Survivorship: nutrition, exercise and beyond
Managing Bone Health and Metastatic Disease: Novel approaches and therapeutics
Oncological Surgery
Panel Discussion: The Changing Threshold and Trends in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies
Treatment Options for the Elderly and Multiple Morbidity
Nipple sparing mastectomy in complex cases and mammary hypertrophy
Autologous Reconstruction
Autologous Reconstruction in the Flap Cripple- when do we say no?
Breast Reconstruction with Perforator Flaps
Total Breast Reconstruction with Fat Transfer and External Expansion
CT Angiography Workshop and Certification
Attributes of a Good Microsurgeon
Robotic Assisted Autologous Breast Reconstruction: Is this the future?
Creating a Successful Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Unit in Private Practice
Panel Discussion: Re-sensation of the Breast and NAC following Mastectomy. A discussion for, against and patient factors
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
Partial breast reconstruction using local tissue rearrangement (breast surgeon perspective)
Partial breast reconstruction using Reduction and mastopexy techniques (Plastic Surgeon Perspective)
3-dimensional scaffolds for partial breast reconstruction in women with small breasts
Bioabsorbable scaffolds and their utility and efficacy in breast surgery
Implant Reconstruction
Prepectoral Implant Reconstruction with Mesh/ADM: why, when and how?
Prepectoral Implant Reconstruction without Mesh/ADM: why, when and how?
Reconstruction of the Previously Augmented Breast following Mastectomy
Game-Changing Strategies to Minimise the Risk of Pre-pectoral Complications
The Biological Breast Implant
3-Dimensional Printing and Bioprinting – Has personalised breast reconstruction arrived?
Panel Discussion: The Demise of the Anatomical Implant
Breast Implant Special Topics
Update on Systemic Symptoms associated with Breast Implants
Malignancies Associated with Breast Implants: From squamous cell to lymphoma
ALCL and its impact on the industry
Improving Efficiency in Breast Surgery: the Shift to Ambulatory Care 
Awake Mastectomies and the use of Regional Anaesthesia
Working Towards Breast Reconstruction as a Day Case
Robotic Breast Surgery – Fad or Future?
Robotic Assisted Mastectomy
Robotic Harvest of the Latissimus Dorsi Flap +/- for Male Poland Syndrome
Robotic Harvest of the DIEP Flap
Updates in Lipofilling
Lipofilling of the Breast: Considerations for Success and Failure
Lipofilling and Nutrition
Treatment of Adverse Liposuction/Lipofilling Donor Sites: how to correct
Non-Surgical Management of Lipofilling Donor Sites
Breast Augmentation
How to Avoid Implant Lateralisation and Caudalisation in an Unstable Implant 
The Role of External Tissue Expansion in Breast Augmentation
Imaging after Breast Augmentation
Capsular Contracture 2023- Who is to Blame? Device vs Patient vs Surgeon
Minimising the Risk of Sensory Loss Following Breast Augmentation: Incisional Strategies
Breast Augmentation in the Patient with Breast and Chest Wall Asymmetry
Can Lower Pole Stretch Following Breast Augmentation be Minimised?
Implant Location and Breast Augmentation: Comparing subpectoral, subfascial and subglandular placement of implants
Composite Breast Augmentation with Round Implants and Lipofilling: Is this the new gold standard?
Breast Reshaping
Where to Place the Mesh in Mastopexy and Revisions
Synmastia Correction
3D Simulation for Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Friend or foe?

2023 Faculty

The full speaker line-up will be announced soon!

Jian Farhadi

UK & Switzerland

Conference Co-Chair

Jaume Masia


Conference Co-Chair

Maurice Nahabedian


Professor of Plastic Surgery

Marlene See


Conference Scientific Chair